Unison with Biology -10

Standard : Xth Standard

ISBN : 978-93-84949-99-0



Biology Book for Class 10 presents Biology in the context of significant biological process that serves an outline to the students in recapitulating topics for their exams. The book involves diverse analytical techniques with an innovative approach to help the students in solving case study problems. Applications to concepts as per the situational problems are being explained accurately. Moreover, the book is supported with multi-coloured text with well labeled coloured diagrams. Biology Book for Class 10 (Unison with Biology) has been written primarily to prepare students who wish to pursue Science in major, requiring a comprehensive course in general Biology.

The book gives a clear and consistent methodology that students can follow to develop their conceptual and quantitative problems. The book has engaged students by relying heavily on analogies that relate Biology to day to day routine chores. Also, the multi-coloured text with well-labeled diagrams keeps students interested and concentrated so as to secure highest marks possible. Conscious efforts have been made to explain all the concepts in a very precise and comprehensive manner. Multicoloured diagrams have been used to strengthen the explanations.

CBSE Class 10 Biology Notes comes with a goal of pertaining the knowledge and skills for disposition to work together in groups through critical thinking. Application based questions are also included to apply the knowledge students gained after learning the chapter. These notes are specifically intended for students that will furnish the necessary requirements in dealing the chapters efficaciously. ‘Unison with Biology’ serves best Biology Notes to students preparing for boards. It includes thorough revision with ample practise questions and sample papers for self evaluation check. Biological concepts are being explained in easy to understand language with bifurcation of sub-topics also. The notes are prepared in a way not only to acquire Science knowledge and skills but also to develop thinking skills and thinking strategies. The notes help students to overcome the fear and anxiety of exam so as to instil confidence and bring out the best out of them.

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