Unison with Biology -9

Standard : IXth Standard

ISBN : 978-93-84949-79-2



‘Unison with Biology', Biology Book for class 9 presents biology in the context of important cultural and social issues that children encounter now and in the future. It is written in a way that will help children learn what they need to know about biology to make informed decisions in their life, become effective, engaged citizens; and understand, at least in principle, the new opportunities and challenges modern biology provides. Biology Book for class 9 focuses on the major concepts of  biology, and the process of science so that students can apply their knowledge as informed consumers and become users of scientific information benefited in some unexpected ways.

The book is entirely based on NCERT textbook and latest syllabus of CBSE. Conscious efforts have been made to explain the concepts in a very precise manner. Multicolored diagrams have been used to strengthen explanations. The main motive of the book is not just to make the students read the book but also enjoy the subject and become keen learner.  The book has been designed not only to provide opportunities for students to acquire science knowledge and skills but also to develop thinking skills and thinking strategies. The Biology Book for class 9 has variety of questions ranging from Check List, Numericals, HOTS and Value-Based Questions that aims in applying knowledge and skills in everyday life by inculcating noble values and the spirit of patriotism.

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