Unison with Chemistry-10

Standard : Xth Standard

ISBN : 978-93-84949-76-1



Chemistry has played a pivotal role in advancing nature and humanities understanding of the universe. Chemistry Book for Class 10 is strictly based on the syllabus in NCERT Class X textbooks. It presents best possible way to grasp and recapitulate concepts in order to completely understand the subject matter. The main motive of the book is to help students in tackling the exams easily. The unsolved questions are resolved in a very straight forward manner so as for better understanding of the theory. The salient features of the book are:

• Bifurcation of the text in each chapter as per the chapter contents.

• Multicoloured text supported with labeled and coloured diagrams.

• After 2-3 sections, Check List is given which includes some illustrative questions to check the understanding of the concept taught.

• Value Based Questions aim to sensitive students towards social responsibilities.

• Class Assignments to test the students’ knowledge.

• Questions on HOTS aim to develop and strengthen analytical and interpretational skills.

• Chapter Based Exercises (for practise).

• Fully Solved NCERT Questions/Exercises.

• Each chapter’s content is supported by detailed chapter summary- Fast Track for quick revision of the chapter.

• Variety of questions in Question Bank ensures in depth revision of chapter.

• Group Discussion/Activity.


Chemistry Book for Class 10 provides students a fun and engaging way to understand concepts easily through step by step solutions and answer to the questions. The book is purely student oriented aiming to strengthen the explanations. Application based questions are also included to apply the knowledge students gained after learning the chapter.

‘Unison with Chemistry’ serves best Chemistry Book for Class 10 to students preparing for boards. It includes thorough revision with ample practise questions and sample papers for self evaluation check. Concepts are being explained in easy to understand language with bifurcation of sub-topics also. The notes are prepared in a way not only to acquire Science knowledge and skills but also to develop thinking skills and thinking strategies. The notes help students to overcome the fear and anxiety of exam so as to instil confidence and bring out the best out of them.

Conscious efforts have been made to explain all the concepts in a very precise and comprehensive manner. Multi-coloured diagrams have been used to strengthen the explanations. The main motive of the book is not just to make the students read the material but also enjoy the subject and become keen learner.

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