Unison with Chemistry-9

Standard : IXth Standard

ISBN : 978-93-84949-80-8



'Unison with Chemistry', Chemistry notes for Class 9 CBSE is a text written primarily to prepare students who wish to pursue science in major requiring a comprehensive course in general chemistry. To address this issue, this text has given a clear, consistent methodology that a student can follow to develop conceptual and quantitative problem through 'Solved Numerical' problems. The notes engage students by relying heavily on analogies that relate chemistry to daily life with Value Based Questions.

Students have numerous demands time to time, so helping them organize their thought and identifying the key concepts is important. For this, Chemistry notes for Class 9 CBSE provide a check list to check the understanding of the concept taught. The learning objectives are presented to alert the students to the key concepts covered in the chapter through Class Assignments. These objectives are also a valuable study tool for the students when they are reviewing and solving it. The notes in this way guide the student through an overall coverage ensuring that the student identifies the key concepts.

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