Unison with Physics -10

Standard : Xth Standard

ISBN : 978-93-84949-75-4



The present edition of the book 'Unison with Physics' is entirely based on the NCERT textbook and latest syllabus of the CBSE. The book is purely student oriented and written in an interactive style as to explain all the concepts in a very precise and comprehensive manner. Solved numericals and multi-coloured diagrams have been used to strengthen the explanations. 'Check List' is also given to check the understanding of the concept taught with plenty 'Solved Numerical Problems'. 'Fast Track' is given for quick revision engrossed with variety of questions in Question Bank to ensure in-depth revision of the chapter. Questions on HOTS are an added version to develop and strengthen analytical and interpretational skills with value based questions in order to aware students towards social responsibilities. Applications Based Questions are included to apply the knowledge students gained after reading chapter with enough practice. Class 10 Physics Book is in adherence to prescribed syllabus in NCERT class 10 textbooks. It dispenses a substitute way to learn and recapitulate concepts in order to facilitate a complete understanding of the subject matter. This book will enable students to learn different topics and address examinations easily.

YBPL’s edition of Class 10 Physics Book provides students with an exciting and appealing way to master concepts easily through step by step solutions and answer to the questions. The book is purely student oriented aiming to strengthen the explanations. Application based questions are also incorporated to use the know-how students acquired after going through the chapter.

CBSE Class 10 Science Notes serves an intact complete preparation kit for aspirants giving the board examinations. The notes include quick revision covering different range of questions in question bank to confirm full recapitulation of the text learnt. Chapters are spelled out with a step by step approach for intelligible learning. HOTS and Value Based Questions add cherry on the cake.

The material is completely based on the NCERT textbook and latest syllabus of the CBSE. The notes are student specific and written in an influencing style making it simpler for students to clasp the content more supremely.

The use of multi-coloured diagrams to support the explanations makes the notes more captivating and occupies them in grasping and concentrating well. The notes will be an aid to students in their exam preparation and will inculcate zest in them while studying the subject.

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