Unison with Mathematics-10

Standard : Xth Standard

ISBN : 978-93-84949-98-3



Unison with Mathematics' for Class 10 is prepared in accordance with latest NCERT/CBSE syllabus. This book provides activities and materials in sufficient number by engaging students in mathematical explorations. It provides prospective elementary to examine and learn mathematics in a meaningful way. Each chapter deals with the complete text giving special stress on fundamental concepts and suitable solved examples.

This will be helpful for the students to have a better understanding of the basics of the subject. For the convenience of the students, detail theory has been divided into topics and on each topic, problems have been divided into different types with clear diagrams. The concepts have been explained in a simple and lucid way through solved examples. 'Unison with Maths' does not simply deliver content; rather, it facilitates learners' construction of their own knowledge of mathematics. CBSE Class 10 Maths Book comes with the target to attain mastery and skills for character by way of serious thinking. The material is prepared in such a manner so as to improve students’ test score and faster the retention of key concepts without rote memorising but rather understanding the ins and outs of them. The book meets the accurate demands and needs of the students.

The book is student oriented and is written in an interactive style. The main motive of the book is to help students in  tackling the exams easily. The unsolved questions are solved in a very straight forward manner.

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