Unison with Mathematics -9

Standard : IXth Standard

ISBN : 978-93-84949-97-6



Unison with Mathematics’ stands out to be the Best Maths Book for Class 9 which is prepared in accordance with the latest CBSE pattern and syllabus. The book provides activities and materials in sufficient number by engaging students in mathematical exploration. Each chapter deals with complete text giving special stress on fundamental  concepts and suitable solved examples. This will be helpful for the students to have a better understanding of the basics of the subject.

 It provides prospective elementary to examine and learn mathematics in a meaningful way. The book could be used simply as an outlook for viewing mathematical structures and the relations between them. The book provides a hub to the deep understanding of arithmetical concepts that bring about financial queries of day –to –day life; and a tool at the same time for answering those questions. It is made with a hope that this edition will be of immense help to the students. Also special stress has been given on elementary concepts and apt solved examples. The book can be simply used as a view point of learning and understanding mathematics with ease.

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