Unison with Hindi Vyakran IX and X (COURSE B)

Standard : IXth Standard & X Standard

ISBN : 978-93-84949-88-4



Class 10 Hindi Book for Vyakaran is a source book to guide scholars for their board examinations. Both the courses ‘A’ and ‘B’ are available for the aspirants. The book is strictly based on CBSE guidelines and syllabus. The language used is lucid and easy to understand. For self assessment the book also includes practice questions. Class 10 Hindi Book will surely magnify pupils’ language skills so they can achieve perfection in the language and achieve good grades.

The main motive the books serve is to give students the knowledge of lifetime and not just teach them the subjective matter. Furthermore, it inculcates in students the conceptual and basic values of Hindi making it easier to learn.

Class 10 Hindi Book is based on latest syllabus of CBSE is produced entirely based on NCERT textbook. The books are purely student oriented and prepared in an interactive style. Conscious efforts have been made to explain all the rules of grammar in a very precise and comprehensive manner. The books include thorough revision with ample practice questions and sample papers for evaluation check. Concepts are being explained in easy to understand way with bifurcation of sub-topics. The material helps students to overcome the fear and anxiety of exams so as to instil confidence and bring out the best out of them.

The material is prepared in such a manner so as to improve students’ test scores and faster retention of key concepts without rote memorizing but rather, understanding the ins and outs of them. Moreover, the design and the lucid language makes student interested and helps them concentrate and focus completely on learning without any sought of distraction.

The book serves a complete preparation kit for students appearing for exams. The Class 10 Hindi Book includes quick revision engrossed with variety of questions. The books provide students a fun and engaging way to understand concepts easily through solutions and answers to the questions. The book is equipped with ideal guidance, activities, exercises and material to study with solved textual answers to secure high percentage. YBPL’s Hindi resource book is specifically intended for students that will furnish their necessary requirements in dealing the chapters efficaciously. This course book is a single hand solution for the students looking to achieve high scores by providing them ample questions to practice and more than enough content to study.

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