Unison with Hindi Vyakran IX and X (COURSE A)

Standard : IXth Standard & X Standard

ISBN : 978-93-84949-82-2



Hindi is known as the national language of India. From holding conversations across cities and nations to being able to read the words with fluency, allows the hold on to one’s own love for language. The book enables students to understand subject matter in depth and enhance understanding and nuances of the language.

The CBSE Class 9 Hindi Book involves diverse techniques with an innovative approach to help the students in solving case study problems. The material is prepared in such a manner so as to improve students’ test scores and faster retention of key concepts without rote memorizing but rather, understanding the ins and outs of them. Moreover, the design and the lucid language makes student interested and helps them concentrate and focus completely on learning without any sought of distraction.

The CBSE Class 9 Hindi Book has been created with distinct goals in mind with a constant check to accessibility, customization as to engage students so to invigorate them towards high levels of academic excellence. The book prepared to give a solid foundation for teachers to instruct with ample resources keeping the flexibility of mind. It presents an alternative way to learn and summarize concepts in order to facilitate a thorough understanding of the subject matter. This book will enable students to grasp different topics and tackle examinations easily.

This help students as they will find it less burdensome and more interesting to study the material in an efficient manner so as to achieve perfection in the subject. This will toil students to enhance their language skills so that they can accomplish excellent outputs in their exams through meticulous perceiving of the subject. The CBSE Class 9 Hindi Book is designed in a way that questions are graded from simple to difficult, bifurcated as per the chapter’s requirement. It is made in a hope that this edition will be of immense help to students.

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