Unison with English Communicative -10

Standard : Xth Standard

ISBN : 978-93-84949-78-5



10 Class English Book is strictly made in adherence to CBSE latest syllabus. Comprehensions are explained in easy to comprehend language. The book includes practise questions for self attempt. 10 Class English Book will certainly enhance their Hindi language skills so they can accomplish excellent outputs in the exams through meticulous perceiving of the subject. The book is produced entirely based on NCERT textbook and latest syllabus of the CBSE. The books are purely student oriented and prepared in an interactive style. Conscious efforts have been made to explain all the rules of grammar in a very precise and comprehensive manner. The books include thorough revision with ample practise questions and sample papers for evaluation check. Co

ncepts are being explained in easy to understand way with bifurcation of sub-topics. The material helps students to overcome the fear and anxiety of exam so as to instil confidence and bring out the best out of them. The books are prepared in such a manner so as to just not teach students for exams but giving them the knowledge of a lifetime. Moreover, the books inculcate in students the basic and conceptual values of the subject. CBSE Class X English Sample Papers help scholars in achieving time management goals with utmost ease. Also, pupils get a reality check of their preparation status which helps them in identifying the strength and improvement areas. These papers cover all the major and minor topics from the examination point of view especially oriented to help students to score high marks. The Sample Papers are appended at the end of the book as to give a thorough flashback of the context learnt. These sample papers are an added aid with sufficient numbers of unsolved reading, writing and grammar exercises

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