Unison with English Communicative -9

Standard : IXth Standard

ISBN : 978-93-84949-77-8



Unison with English' CBSE Class 9 English book is a course book and reference book for both students and teachers to apprehend the subject and to do the activities required for further comprehension. It equips both with ideal guidance, activities and exercise and material to study, answer and secure high percentage. It is strictly in adherence to CBSE latest style and syllabus. This resource book gives an overview of English Communicative English Reader that proficiently scales and covers all the major and minor points of the chapters with ample explanations, in a way of 'Comprehensive Summaries' presented in a systematic way. It is specifically intended for students that will furnish their necessary requirements in dealing the chapters efficaciously. It aims to help students to learn and communicate their ideas through 'Skills Evaluation' box. It is also a platform to teachers with regard to learning standards materialised in some aspects like 'Paraphrasing', 'About the Author' and 'Skills Evaluation' box required to be taught in sufficient number of reading, writing and grammar exercises. This will enhance their language skills so that they can accomplish excellent outputs in their exams through meticulous perceiving of the subject. The book also focuses on Long Reading Text with notes on Themes, Incidents, Interpretation and Characters. Yellow Bird Publications revised edition of CBSE Class 9 English book has been laid out strictly in compliance with CBSE latest pattern and syllabus. It is a course and reference book that gives an overview of CBSE Communicative English Reader that systematically covers all significant points in a way of ‘Comprehensive Summaries’.

The book for greater grasp of the subject has been split into two categories:

  • Part- I comprising of solved Communicative Literature
  • Part- II comprising of grammar exercises


This bifurcation helps aspirants as they will find it less weighty and more riveting to study the material in a well planned manner so as to attain excellence in the subject.

The book is furnished with absolute guidance, activities, exercises   and material to study with solved textual answers to secure good grades. This course book is a stage for students considering the learning standards transpired in some aspects like Paraphrasing, Characters Brief, About the Author, Understanding the text vital to be learnt with adequate number of reading, writing and grammar exercises.

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